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Poet Dresses: Stylish Dresses With *a little more* Coverage!

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Recently I had an amazing opportunity to partner with Poet Dresses! If you know me, then you know I am very passionate about sharing modest clothing.

It’s difficult in these modern times to find modest clothing that is also stylish. I feel like so many Christian women struggle with this. I know I do!

I mean, you want to be modest without being covered to your neck and wrists right? You want to find dresses that are elegant yet have just the right amount of coverage! That’s why I am so excited to share Poet with you.

But, before we dive into their careful selection of dresses, let me tell you about their company.

Poet, a Brand Meant To Inspire!


Poet was founded by husband and wife team, Kat and Ryan. Kat has always wanted to express herself through fashion but always found a hard time finding clothing with just the right amount of coverage.

To overcome these challenges, she and her husband founded Poet Dresses. Here’s what she had to say!

“Just like every girl, I am on that age-old journey to self-love, and one way I like to express myself is through fashion!


However, I prefer higher coverage in my clothing, which has made it difficult to truly build the unique and stylish wardrobe I’ve been imagining.


There isn’t a lot of variety in “modest” fashion and I find that most designs with higher coverage don’t have the charm that I’m looking for.


I wanted higher coverage clothing that fit my personality, that was modern and trendy, and that didn’t cover way more than necessary (if ya know what I mean).


That’s where my genius of a husband comes in. Ryan told me that if we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we would just make it ourselves. And voila! Poet was born: a stylish, spunky brand of women’s clothing with just enough coverage.


In our research for Poet, we’ve learned that I’m not alone in this journey. So many women and girls are looking for the exact same thing.


We are excited to be working together with you to create a community where women who have been largely ignored in the fashion industry can come and feel not only welcome but celebrated.


Meet cute, trending styles with the comfortable coverage you’ve been looking for. Meet Poet.

What an amazing story behind their brand! As a girl whose clothing standards don’t meet most, I was so excited to find Poet.

Details Details Details!


The first dress from Poet that really caught my eye was The Sestina Dress. Instantly upon seeing the pattern, I fell in love! 

Along with a beautiful neckline, this dress features a pattern that is classy, and the colors are light and airy! It’s my dream dress. It’s romantic, it’s modest, it’s trendy. It’s everything you could ask for in a dress!

Some great features of this dress is the custom design by Poet, zipper in the back, midi-length skirt with knee-high slit (length will vary by height), and the square front & back neckline!

This dress has a calf-length skirt and features a subtle knee-high slit for just a little bit of leg and a stunning square neckline with bust ruching.  Definitely an “everyday princess” kind of look that emphasizes your curves in all the right ways. 

If it isn’t obvious enough, The Sestina Dress makes me want to go pick a bouquet of flowers and frolic in a meadow with green grass. It makes me feel that beautiful!

Don’t be worried about the fabric being see-through! Poet knows that it is essential to have lining under our dresses. Besides, no one wants to see our undergarments! 

Even the rich Polyester fabric gives off classic Linen vibes. This fabric is soft, but not silky. It is not stretchy, so if you are between sizes, Poet recommends sizing up!

Think you’re interested in grabbing this dress? Click here to see the full dress on their website! And, if you end up buying it, please feel free to comment with a picture of you in a dress from Poet! I would be overjoyed to see my readers in Poet Dresses!

Interested in their sizing? Here is the Poet Size Guide to help you better choose the right fit for your next dress: Poet Size Guide!

Something that is really fun and unique about Poet is that ALL Poet dresses come with a poem delivered in a wax-sealed envelope! It’s a keepsake like no other.

Looking for some gift ideas for your mother? Be sure to read my latest post, Gift Ideas For Mothers!

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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day!

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day!

This post may contain affiliate links! If you click on a link in this post, it may be commissionable, and I may earn a small amount when you purchase off of that link. Thank you for understanding!

If you’re like me then you LOVE gift giving! I have such a passion for spending lots of money and gifting people. Recently, I’ve had to majorly control that urge but Mother’s Day is a holiday when I really want to show how much I appreciate the women in my life.

It can be really hard to find gifts and it’s not always easy to find the right gifts. Everyone is so different!

Are you struggling with gift ideas? Below is a great list of affordable gifts for the mothers in your life! ♥


Jewelry & Accessories:


Clothing & Shoes:


Home Decor:


Beauty & Self-care:


Bible Studies & Books:


For The Expecting Mom:

Don’t forget to shop the Kindred Braverly Mother’s Day Sale where you can score up to 50% off!

If you spend $125 during this sale, you will get a $25 store credit to use at another time!

P.S, don’t forget to use code MADISON15 for 15% off your purchase!

See something you like or would add to this list? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from my readers!

Be sure to join my Mother’s Day Giveaway! Head to this post to enter!

Mother’s Day Giveaway & My Motherhood Journey!!

Mother’s Day Giveaway & My Motherhood Journey!!

This post may contain affiliate links! If you click on a link in this post, it may be commissionable, and I may earn a small amount when you purchase off of that link. Thank you for understanding!

As Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to reach out to all of the strong, hard-working moms out there. Every mom is one! Whether you read my blog, follow me on social media, or know me in person, I want to shed some light on mothers.

What Is a Mother?

A mother is Strong. Protective. Loving. Selfless.

The perfect example of a mother is the Proverbs 31 Woman. She is described as trustworthy, hardworking, fruitful, strong, a volunteer, crafty, wise, kind, blessed, a homemaker, fearful of the Lord, and praised by her husband for her work.

Personally, I aspire to be this woman every single day. I look up to this woman in the bible. I believe this is a perfect example of how every woman’s character should be.

The job that a mother has is so important and our characters must be well-defined before we can start building the characters of others, especially our little ones.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

As mother’s, we are responsible for the upbringing of little humans until they are adults. While this is no easy task, having that biblical strength is so necessary!

The world wants mothers to be weak and dependent on others for how we raise our children. But, if you just look to God, He provides so much wisdom and knowledge on how to manage this part of life!

Don’t forget to also lean on the older and wiser women in your life. They have been here before! I go to my mother-in-law so much for advice and she always tells me exactly what I need to hear, even if it’s hard.


Motherhood is HARD!

Oftentimes, we moms feel overlooked. We feel like our needs aren’t met and like everything we do is for others. Well, it is. Everything that a mom does is for someone. Whether it’s her kids, her husband, family, or friends, the list could go on and on.

Being a mother is truly about being a servant to others. And it’s hard! It’s hard to give yourself all day, every day. Mothers need someone to lean on. Someone to pick them up when the daily routine of life is too much.

I personally experience times when I’m just completely overstimulated. I’ve learned that identifying the things that overstimulate me has really helped me throughout the day when I feel like nothing is going right.

A lot of times, I am my own worst enemy. I start thinking of everything that I have to do and I make myself stressed. Writing a daily to-do list has helped with that so much! 

One thing that really has helped me with overstimulation is reading scripture and listening to worship music. It is so easy for me to get into my own head and think only about myself. As a mom, I do everything for my boys and for my husband.

There are times when I get selfish. Sometimes I crack and make everything about me. I’m a flawed human. I have to constantly remind myself that by serving others and being a helpful hand is pleasing to the Lord.

A verse that really speaks to me is Galatians 5:13. It says, “For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.”

I believe one of the biggest acts of love is through service. By dying to yourself and giving to or helping others. Putting others’ needs and wants above yours.

Man, is that hard! It’s hard to be selfless. We are selfish by nature. It’s a daily struggle to be selfless. For me, being a mother has helped me overcome that natural instinct.

Mother's dayTrials

Growing up, I had an overly critical mother. Everything I did was criticized and/or downgraded. While it was abusive and very difficult, little did I know that it was teaching me how to be strong as a mother. 

I have learned many things from my mother. These things she did not teach me intentionally. They were taught through the fear I had of her and through the hope I had in God. The best thing? God showed me how to grow from that!

Our trials make us stronger. That trial, while weak at the moment, has helped me grow today. God’s timing is always perfect and He knew what I needed, even if I didn’t believe it at the time.

James 1:2-4 says, “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

There were many things that I learned in my teenage years. My youngest sister was born, my parents were divorced and then married again, I was a ballerina, and I was being homeschooled.

In those years, I developed a sense of motherly love for my younger sisters. Again, I think this is another thing that helped me grow as a mother. I already had the instinct to care for younger ones at a young age.

I became a mom at nineteen. I was married and had just graduated high school. I was ready.  I truly believe that God put me through that trial as a child and teenager to help me become the woman I am becoming every single day.

God sent my husband to me during our Senior year in high school. He was the first person I had ever told about what it was like growing up in my household. After we graduated, we made the decision to get married legally. I left home, he proposed, and then we were married before God. It was all in God’s perfect timing.

Looking back on it all, I am grateful for the hard times that I went through. They made me who I am today. I am prepared to be a mother and wife from the trials I have been through.

I love my boys and I genuinely want to serve them and my husband. I want them to be the thing that my life revolves around and it does. 

One of the greatest sacrifices a woman can make is by becoming a mother. By raising arrows every single day. We are responsible for the health and well-being of our families. Whether you’re a working mom, stay-at-home mom, or both, it’s hard!

And It’s tough. Really tough. But, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I know motherhood is where God has me and I love it. 


Resources For Moms:

Some incredibly helpful resources that I have bought for the special women in my life have all come from The Daily Grace Co. I just love their company foundations and what they stand for! You can read their statement of faith here.

Here are some of my favorite motherhood resources that they provide ~ and they’re super affordable, too!


A Special Gift

If you’re a mom, you know that getting time to yourself can be difficult. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, a few other bloggers and I wanted to host a special giveaway for all of the wonderful mother’s out there!

Mother’s Day is the day we get to not only tell but also show Moms just how special and appreciated they really are.

Celebrate your motherhood journey and yourself this year! I’ve teamed up with a wonderful group of bloggers to help pamper four amazing moms!

There will be ONE Grand Prize Winner and THREE $100 gift card winners – for a total of four winners!! The Grand Prize winner will choose between a combo Air Fryer/Toaster Oven, or a Kitchen Aid Mixer (up to $300!!)

It’s our hope and prayer that we will add to your blessing this Mother’s Day and also show you just how much we appreciate you, our mom readers.

To enter for your chance to win this Mother’s Day Giveaway, simply use the Rafflecopter form below to enter. I know that is quite a few entries for you, but each of these bloggers generously chipped in their own money to bring you this giveaway.

I hope you will take the time to do all of the entries. Don’t forget, the more entries you do, the better your odds are of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway ends Friday, May 12th at 11:59 pm EDT. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the email to claim the prize. By entering this giveaway you may be added to the email lists of the participating bloggers. Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions upon entering the giveaway. By entering the giveaway, you agree and acknowledge your understanding of the terms and conditions.

Good luck to everyone who enters! If you’re an expecting mother, please check out my latest post, Hospital Bag & My Favorite Items!


Hospital Bag & My Favorite Items!

Hospital Bag & My Favorite Items!

This post may contain affiliate links! If you click on a link in this post, it may be commissionable, and I may earn a small amount when you purchase off of that link. Thank you for understanding!

Getting Ready:

It’s that time again ~ Time to pack for another hospital trip for another baby! I am so excited yet terrified at the same time. Even though I have all of the emotions about giving birth racing through my head, I am comforted knowing that I have my essentials packed and ready for the day baby #2 makes his arrival.

I have once again decided to go un-medicated for this birth. With my first, I also had an un-medicated birth and it was truly magical! You can read all about my experience here. If you would like to hear about my birth story for baby #2, please let me know in the comment section below!

When I was pregnant with my first, I wrote another post on What’s In My Hospital Bag. See that post for some great tips and a quick checklist!



One of the first things I immediately stashed into my bag was the MotherLove Nipple Balm. Y’all this saved my life last time I breastfed! I started using it in the hospital and it offered so much comfort. It helped with the soreness and cracked nipples. Truly a must-have!

I made sure to pack some lip balm, extra pads, a long phone charger, and non-slip socks! These are definitely going into my toiletry bag. I also packed some travel shampoo and conditioner for my hubby while we are staying in the hospital.


Some of My Favorites:

I found the cutest Kindred Braverly socks and they have the cutest saying, “Baby you’re worth it.” on the bottom. This pair comes in four different colors. I’m so excited to wear them during our hospital stay! You can use code Madison15 for a discount at checkout!

Another Kindred Braverly item that is in my bag is the Sublime Adjustable Crossover Nursing & Lounge Bra. I have already started wearing it because it is just so comfortable! It’s great for lounging in and definitely a must-have!

Due to wanting an unmedicated birth, I knew I wanted to pack a diffuser along with some of my favorite Essential Oils. I grabbed this diffuser for under $15 a few weeks ago and have used it every day since! An Essential Oil that I plan on diffusing during our hospital stay is Young Living’s Lavender oil. This oil is so effective in my everyday life and I hope it can help me during labor!

Ready for if he needs it is a pack of my favorite brand of pacifiers (I love this color)!



Waiting at Home:

While there will be another sweet boy waiting at home for us, there is something else that I want to mention that isn’t going into my hospital bag, but is ready for when we get home. It’s the Nanobébé Complete Feeding System! They were so kind to send me a sample to try for our newest addition! We have only ever used Nanobébé brand for pacifiers, bottles, etc. I was overjoyed to collaborate with their brand! 

The Nanobébé Complete Feeding System includes two Flexy silicone pacifiers, convenient breast pump adapters, a baby bottle warmer, 4 slow flow nipples, and a bottle brush for easy cleaning! It’s perfect for any new parent. I can’t wait to put this feeding system to good use!

I made sure to pack some disposable nursing pads to help during those early days of breastfeeding. My favorite are the Nanobébé Disposable Nursing Pads! I tried many brands when I breastfed my oldest and these are the only ones that would completely catch milk and not leave me wet. I could wear any bra I wanted as long as I had these on! They are so unbelievably helpful!

Having an easy and accessible way to everything postpartum is so helpful! I made sure to have my disposable nursing pads within reach and organized. I stored them in this cute basket that I got from the Dollar Tree! Here are some that are similar to the ones I bought.

One of the best welcome kits that I have gotten is from Nanobébé! It is completely free and has everything you need to sample including nursing pads, breastmilk storage bags, and a 0-3 month Flexy Pacifier! I think this welcome kit is what hooked me on Nanobébé with my oldest. That and the fact that Nanobébé pacifiers were the only ones he would take… ha!

Did you know that you can also donate a bottle or pacifier to a family in need? Here’s how Nanobébé offers an amazing way to give to others at hardly any cost! Donate now!

I love hearing from others! If you can think of anything that I’m missing or something you would add (or have added to your bag), please leave a comment below. Have a blessed day!

Love my content? See my latest post, Momanda, Built For Moms!

Momanda, Built For Moms!

Momanda, Built For Moms!

This post may contain affiliate links! If you click on a link in this post, it may be commissionable, and I may earn a small amount when you purchase off of that link. Thank you for understanding!

Something that always brings me joy is finding brands that support moms and that are built for moms. That’s why I was so overjoyed when I discovered Momanda!

Momanda is a brand built to promote body positivity during your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Their products are for moms of every mind, breastfeeding or not! They strive to have comfortable yet stylish clothing for moms all over the world.

Born out of a desire for something chic and elevated, we created MOMANDA to fill a void in the maternity clothing market. Our products are designed to make each moment – pregnant or not – enjoyable, rich, fun and beautiful. We’re obsessed about individuality. We’re obsessed about quality. Simply put, we make the perfect combination of fancy and practical.”

Momanda was so kind as to send me three of some of their best-selling items! (They’re going quick, too!) 


The Dream Lace Nursing Bralette:

One of the best things about this bralette is that it was designed to flex upwards in both band and cup size to accommodate your growing body during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This bralette also features a wire-free design for utmost comfort! It also features wider cups and wings for the best coverage when wearing. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything hanging out or not being supported! 

I was so surprised at how soft and weightless this bra is! The band itself is very soft and lightweight. I definitely have a new favorite!

The Dream Lace Nursing Bralette comes in four different colors with a variety of sizes to choose from. Grab yours here! 



Lace Hands Free Pumping Bra:

Every momma knows how hard it can be to pump, especially when your bra is in the way! That’s why Momanda has created a beautiful Lace Hands Free Pumping Bra. Not only is it super convenient for pumping, but it is also stylish and affordable!

This bra is often referred to as the “Do Anything Bra” because you can literally do anything while pumping in this bra! Not only is it great for pumping but it is also great for breastfeeding in general. 

This pumping bra looks and feels similar to a normal bra, but it’s stylish and feminine! The Lace Hands Free Pumping Bra is great for working moms as you can use it hands free and without hassle. 

The Lace Hands Free Pumping Bra comes in eight different colors and my favorite is by far the color “Cream Coffee.”


Cozy Soft Touch Lounge Set:

The product I was most excited about had to be the Cozy Soft Touch Lounge Set! It is sleek and cozy, long-sleeved, with skin-friendly perfection.

This lounge set is not only perfect for pregnancy, but for any stage that you might be in as a mom. Whether you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or simply being a mom, you can enjoy life in this super comfy wardrobe addition! 

Something I just love about this set is that it is the perfect piece to wear when you come home from the hospital. It’s stylish so you can wear it out and about or simply wear it around the house! 

The Cozy Soft Lounge Set is made of mostly cotton so it is breathable and perfect for those early postpartum days. This set comes in six different colors, with Swan White being my personal favorite.

One of the best features of Momanda’s Nursing Bra’s is that no one has to know what it is! Their bras are so concealable for nursing that it looks similar to your regular bralette. This way, you can be stylish while also keeping your intimates practical. 

Have you tried Momanda? Let me know in the comments! I would love to hear about your experience!