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Hey friends!

As the month of November goes on, it only gets closer to when we finally meet our baby boy! That’s why I already have my hospital bag packed and loaded into our car!

It’s crazy to think that come Christmas, we will no longer be a family of two, but a family of three. Honestly, that’s the best Christmas present ever!

After lots of research, and asking family and friends what I should have in my hospital bag, I finally have it completed and packed! I packed all of my items into my handy duffle bag that I got off of Amazon for only $18.99! 


Why Is Having A Well Packed Hospital Bag So Important?

It is so, so important to have everything you need during your stay at the hospital. When you’re in labor, you’re going to need things like pain reliever, hair ties, essential oils, snacks, etc. Basically, you’re going to need things that will help you get through the laboring process. Having everything you need right there when you need it is vital.

Not only do you need things during labor, but having what you need those first few days postpartum is really important! You’re not going to want to be stressing about things that you don’t have because you will have a beautiful bundle of joy occupying your whole being and you will be extremely tired.

Here are some items that I have in my bag currently. Everyone is different and needs different things but I hope this helps you navigate what to pack! I made sure to include items that I think I will absolutely need during my hospital stay and for recovery.



Headbands, in case I get sweaty

Hair ties

-Chapstick, I always use my handy Burt’s Bees 


Bathrobe, this one is by far the softest I’ve ever owned!

-Comfy pj’s & nursing nightgown.


Fuzzy, non-slip socks

-Long phone charging cord

Earth Mama Sitz Spray

Nursing bras

Facial wipes

Baby book

-A book for me to read during the stay

-Lotion, I’m bringing my Honest Brand lotion so that both the baby and I can use it. (And maybe dad, too!)

Essential Oils

-Tylenol, for the pain

-Hospital snacks: chips, crackers, water bottles, beef jerky, etc.

-Birth plan: Printed and memorized by my husband, LOL.

-Hand Sanitizer (new bottle)

-A toiletry bag for toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, etc.

Postpartum underwear



Newborn hats

Newborn socks


Onesies, I’m bringing some I was gifted from Burt’s Bees.

Diaper balm

-My own baby wipes, the hospital will provide these but I want to use a specific brand.

Extra Diapers, just in case. I have my Honest Brand diapers packed.

Coming home outfit. My husband requested that our baby boy come home in a Nike bodysuit that I bought!

Burp cloths

Swaddle blankets


I also made sure that my husband had some clothes ready to go as well. I packed us our basic toiletry necessities like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner, etc.

We also made sure our car seat and stroller were ready to go. Check out my blog post on Our Car Seat and Why We Chose It, here!