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When Elijah and I first got married, we knew we had to figure out a way to cover our medical bills without the normal insurance plan. As we are both self-employed, having typical insurance was not an option.

Due to being married at eighteen, we were both in desperate need of coverage in case of an emergency. We couldn’t afford to pay for insurance and we didn’t even know how to navigate our family’s healthcare.

My mother-in-law was the first to tell me about Christian Healthcare Ministries It’s not health insurance but an affordable cost-effective ministry that allows Christians around the world to help provide for one another’s medical bills.


About CHM:

CHM enables you to have a biblical way of satisfying your healthcare costs without the burden of fees and unexpected bills. Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

Health cost sharing is a way to satisfy your healthcare costs and help fellow Christians while upholding your Christian beliefs and sticking to your budget.” – CHM

Christian Healthcare Ministries offers a variety of membership levels including Gold, Silver, and Bronze! Along with a great maternity program, CHM also offers a Maternity Support Facebook Group so that you can connect with other members going through the same life stage as you and your family.


Maternity Program:

I cannot brag about their Maternity Program enough! I have had two pregnancies now sharing through CHM and they have helped me share thousands and thousands of dollars worth of OBGYN bills, hospital bills, lab work, and more!

It is so relieving to be a part of a company that upholds the values of Christ and the gracious gift of fellowship. If you are an expecting mom, I definitely recommend joining just for their Maternity Program alone.

What We Love!

A few of my favorite perks that come with enrolling with CHM are the no application fees or annual membership fees, generous maternity program, and the flexibility of choosing your own healthcare providers

We have now been members of CHM for over 2 years and we have shared thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. CHM has helped us cover a range of medical needs including emergency visits, midwives and doctors, two pregnancies, one birth, and so much more! 

It’s budget-friendly, supportive, and a great community of believers. I am so happy that our family has chosen to be a part of this ministry as they have helped us in so many God given ways. 


For More Information:

If you would like to know more about Christian Healthcare Ministries, feel free to message me in the comments and I will send you a direct link to gain more information!

You can also click this link to get a free information pack and learn more about what CHM has to offer!

Wondering if Christian Healthcare Ministries is right for you and your family? You can get a free quote and take this free healthcare quiz here!